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What you need What UCPB offers Initial Deposit Maintaining Balance Minimum ADB to earn interest Minimum ADB to earn interest
Foreign Currency Accounts
US Dollar US Dollar Account US $500.00 US $500.00 US $1,000.00 0.125%
Euro Euro Account €500.00 €500.00 N/A 0%
Pounds Sterling GB Pounds Sterling Account £500.00 £500.00 £500.00 0.25%
Japanese Yen Japanese Yen Account ¥50,000.00 ¥50,000.00 N/A N/A
Australian Dollar Australian Dollar
Savings Account
AUD 500.00 AUD 500.00 AUD 500.00 0.25%
Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar
Savings Account
CAD 500.00 CAD 500.00 CAD 500.00 0.25%
Chinese Yuan Chinese Yuan
Savings Account
CNY 5,000.00 CNY 5,000.00 N/A N/A

US Dollar Savings Account
We take care of your hard earned dollars

  • Interest-bearing deposits withdrawable anytime evidenced by a passbook
  • Perform online transactions such as balance inquiry or fund transfers via
    UCPB Connect online banking facility or UCPB TeleBanking transactions limited between accounts in the same branch and in the same currency.
  • Deposits up to P500,000.00 insured by the PDIC

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Foreign Currency Savings Account

Earning in other currencies?  Keep them in the original currency and earn interest

  • Interest-bearing savings account in Japanese Yen, Great Britain Pounds Sterling and Euro, evidenced by a passbook and monthly Statement of Account
  • Enjoy bigger interest rates as your deposit grows
  • Deposits up to P500,000.00 insured by the PDIC

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Customer Advisories

Attention: All UCPB Visa Cardholders

In light of the recent reports on unauthorized transactions using Visa Debit cards, we have implemented additional rules and validations on online purchases. You may not be able to use your Visa card in some of the online merchants. Read more.

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