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Beware of SMS and Email Scams

It has come to our attention that some clients received text messages or emails asking them to verify their account for a system maintenance activity or to update their contact information by clicking on a link.

These are phishing and smishing scams out to steal a person’s information and funds.

Please be vigilant and cautious by always keeping in mind the following reminders:

Banks will never ask you to verify your account, update your personal information or provide your bank information via text message or email. Be especially wary of emails or text messages asking you to immediately respond to their request or threaten you with account deactivation.
When in doubt, call your maintaining branch or our Customer Relations Center at 8811-9111 or crc@ucpb.com.
If you wish to update your contact information, please go to our UCPB Online Client Info Updating Facility or visit your maintaining branch.
System maintenance activity schedules are posted on the website’s client advisory section and our Facebook page. This does not require you to provide or update your personal information with the Bank.

Thank you and please always keep safe.

Date published: November 26, 2021

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