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Load your EasyTrip RFID through UCPB!

Load your EasyTrip RFID through UCPB!

Enjoy faster and safer travels along NLEX, SCTEX and CAVITEX. Load your Easytrip RFID via UCPB Connect, UCPB App, or ATMs.

Here are the easy steps:

Via UCPB App
  1. Log in to your UCPB App and select “Pay Bills.”
  2. Select “Services” then “Easytrip.”
  3. Enter your 12-digit Easytrip Account Number, Easytrip Account Name and the Amount.
  4. Select “Done” then “Ok” to confirm payment.
Via UCPB Connect
  1. Log in to UCPB Connect and generate your transaction password via SMS or email.
  2. Select “Enroll Biller” under “Payments.”
  3. Select “Easytrip Services Corporation” to enroll.
  4. Enter your 12-digit Easytrip account number as the billing account number and your subscriber name. Description field is optional.
  5. Once enrolled, Easytrip will be one of your billers under “Pay Bills” and you may proceed with reloading.

Please note that payments will be subject to service fees, deductible from the load amount. Your load will be credited to your Easytrip account on the next banking day.

For inquiries and concerns, you may contact our UCPB Customer Relations Center at 8811-9111 or crc@ucpb.com.

Please visit Bills Payment for the complete list of billers.

Date published: October 23, 2020

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