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Give your child a brighter future

Quality education opens up tons of opportunities for your kids. Prepare for it early on to give them a better chance at a brighter future.
With BrightMinds and FLEXI Plan, you can now prepare for your children’s education and secure their future today.

Apply now! Visit any UCPB branch today, contact us at (02) 8811-9111 or email bancassurance@ucpb.com .

Click www.ucpb.com/branches for the list of branches.

Terms and conditions apply. For your other insurance needs, visit www.ucpb.com/bancassurance/.

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Customer Advisories

Attention: All UCPB Visa Cardholders

In light of the recent reports on unauthorized transactions using Visa Debit cards, we have implemented additional rules and validations on online purchases. You may not be able to use your Visa card in some of the online merchants. Read more.

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