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Cash Management

Change the way you manage your account, collect your receivables, and disburse your payables with the wide array of Cash Management products and services from UCPB.  Complemented by our nationwide branch network and internet-based services, you will be sure to find a combination of our offerings to fit your needs:


UCPB Sweep
Automatically transfer balances from your different UCPB accounts to one ‘Mother’ account for easy monitoring and reconciliation to maximize fund management.


UCPB Automatic Transfer Arrangement (ATA)
Transfer funds from your savings account to your checking accounts if there are insufficient funds on the checks you issued.


Deposit Pick-Up / Cash Delivery Service (DPU / CDS)
Safeguard the transportation of your cash deposits from your office or store premises to the bank, or vice-versa.  A fully-secured UCPB armored truck team will come to you on a regular basis to pick-up or deliver your cash requirements.

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