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UCPB Connect

UCPB Connect

Less time at the bank means more time for you
Introducing the new UCPB Connect. It’s a full suite of electronic banking facilities that lets you manage your funds with ease.
With UCPB Connect, you get to spend more time on yourself while still being able to do your banking transactions.
Check your account balance, pay bills, transfer funds, and more.
It’s accessibility and convenience like never before!
Manage your funds with ease through UCPB Connect
Here are the transactions you can do:

Inquire account balance

Pay utilities, credit cards
and other bills

Transfer funds to other
UCPB accounts

Remit funds to other Philippine
bank accounts

Buy Globe, Smart or Sun Cellular load for as low as Php15*

View transaction history

Request for checkbooks

Request for Stop Payment
Orders (SPO)

* available only through the Mobile Phone Banking App.

Transactions Online Banking via www.ucpb.com Through the Mobile Phone Banking App*
Balance Inquiry Free of charge Free of charge
Transfer funds to UCPB Accounts Free of charge Free of charge
Transfer funds to other Philippine bank accounts Php 25 (InstaPay)
Php 50 (PESONet)
Bills Payments Free of charge Free of charge
Buy cellphone load Not available Free of charge
View transactions Free of charge Free of charge
Report lost ATM card Request is free of charge, but ATM replacement charge applies Not available
Request for checkbooks Request is free of charge, but checkbook charge applies Not available
Request for Stop Payment Order Request is free of charge, but SPO charge applies Not available


Access your payroll or personal accounts through:
• Online via www.ucpb.com
• Android and iOS Mobile Apps
Download and use of the UCPB Mobile Phone Banking app from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store are free of charge. Data / Internet charges may apply.


How to enroll
  1. Go to UCPB’s website at www.ucpb.com and click on “CONNECT LOGIN”
  2. Register as “NEW USER” and fill up the required fields. Follow the instructions online.
  3. Start using UCPB Connect!
  • Log-in using your designated User ID and Password.
    You will be asked to change your password during initial log-in.
  • For mobile, download the UCPB App.
  • You can use the app one banking day after your successful Connect enrollment.
  • Use the same username and password to log-in to Connect and the Mobile Banking App.


Is online banking safe?

Yes. UCPB Connect is a secure facility. For your protection, each financial transaction (bill payment, fund transfer or load purchase) made through the UCPB online and mobile banking requires a password before it is completed.

Make sure your email address and mobile number are updated with your maintaining UCPB branch.
Online Banking Facility
  • You will need a Transaction Password to complete your transactions.
  • Click on the Generate Transaction Password button to receive the Transaction Password via SMS or email.
  • The transaction password is valid per log-in session.
Mobile Banking App
  • You will need a One-Time Password (OTP) to log in to the UCPB Mobile App and enjoy all its functions (balance inquiry, bills payment, fund transfers and mobile loan purchase).
  • Choose between SMS or email to receive the OTP via your mobile number or email address.
  • You need to re-enter your login password to authorize each transaction.
How much are the transaction limits using Connect?

Please visit our Transaction Limits page.

Where can I view the Terms and Conditions of this service?

Please click here to view our Terms and Conditions.

For tips on secure online banking, visit our Protect your Money page.

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