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UCPB Connect Terms and Conditions

By enrolling in UCPB CONNECT, the Client agrees to the following terms and conditions, which are in addition to those contained in the Terms and Conditions of UCPB Deposit Products and Services and Client Information Sheet and other related contracts that the Client signed when he opened his deposit account/s.


  1. UCPB CONNECT is a secure electronic banking facility that allows the Bank Clients, who signed up for the service, to perform certain transactions on their accounts using electronic channels such as internet-enabled computer or other hardware with internet browser, touch-tone phone or mobile phone. The transactions that may be performed through UCPB CONNECT include account balance inquiry, transaction inquiry, fund transfer, bills payment, statement request, checkbook request, stop payment order and load purchase. The availability of these transactions depends on the channel used by the Client.
  2. The Bank shall provide the Client with instructions on how to use UCPB CONNECT. It is understood that the Bank shall entertain requests for the above-enumerated services relative only to the Client’s enrolled deposit account/s.


  1. Application form to enroll in UCPB Connect can be filled out directly from the Bank’s website. Enrollment of accounts in Online Banking shall be subject to the Bank’s confirmation and shall take effect on the next banking day upon receipt by the Bank of the Client’s request for confirmation.
  2. Enrollment to UCPB Connect will provide the client access to the Online and Mobile Banking platform of the Bank.
  3. Only peso current and savings accounts and foreign currency savings account specifically enrolled by the Clients, can be accessed through the UCPB CONNECT.


  1. The Client can access any of his enrolled account/s with the use of the User ID and Login Password, which the Client shall formulate. For Joint “or” accounts, the accountholders shall formulate separate User IDs and Login Passwords which shall be separately declared/assigned by the Client.
  2. The User ID and Login Password shall be known only to the Client. The Client shall have the sole responsibility of keeping the confidentiality of his User ID and Login Password. The Login Password has a validity of 100 days. Client shall be notified through UCPB CONNECT Welcome Screen when the Login Password needs to be changed. However, the Client may, at his option, change his Login Password using the password change tool provided in UCPB CONNECT anytime he deems necessary. Should the Login Password be changed prior to expiry, the validity period of the changed Login Password shall start from the date of change.
  3. As an additional safeguard for Clients using the internet, a button to “generate transaction password” shall be displayed on the internet banking screen prior to approval of certain transactions such as fund transfers and bill payments. Upon clicking the said button, a random system-generated transaction password shall be sent to the mobile phone number and/or email address that the Client registered during enrollment to UCPB CONNECT or updated using UCPB channels, which the Client should then input to complete the transaction. This transaction password will be valid throughout the entire session, or until the Client logs out, or is logged out of UCPB CONNECT.
  4. The Client agrees to keep the User ID, Log-in Password and Transaction Password confidential at all times. The Client shall be solely responsible for all transactions made in his deposit/linked accounts through the use of his User ID and Login Password. The Bank shall not be liable for any loss arising from the unauthorized use of the User ID and Password. Any transaction/instructions effected using the User ID and Password shall be conclusively presumed to be authorized by the Client and deemed done at Client’s risk and with Client’s authority.
  5. The Client’s password may be changed using the applicable Bank channel.
  6. Banking transactions are permitted through the UCPB CONNECT upon recognition by the system of the Client’s User ID, Login Password, and Transaction Password for fund transfers and bills payment transactions. The Bank shall have no obligation to verify the authenticity of any transaction purporting to have been performed by the Client who keyed in valid User ID, Login Password, and Transaction Password for fund transfers and bills payment transactions.
  7. For Joint “or” accounts, whenever one of the accountholders effects fund transfer/drawing against the account, it is understood that the act is being done on the basis of the Client(s)’ continuing declaration and representation that all co-depositors are still living as of the date of the transfer. It is likewise understood that the Client shall hold the Bank free and harmless from any liability, claims or damages resulting from its reliance on such declaration and representation. Each and every one of the depositor or co-depositors shall be jointly and severally liable for all fund transfers/drawings, regardless of who initiated the fund transfer.


  1. In order to access the Mobile Phone Banking Facility of UCPB Connect, the Client must have:
    • A valid and active User ID and Password to the Bank’s retail internet banking facility. The same credentials will be used to access the Mobile Phone Banking Facility.
    • A mobile phone that supports SMS and capable of downloading/running the UCPB Mobile Phone Banking Application. The UCPB Mobile Phone Banking application is a program which can be used by the Client to initiate and authorize banking transactions through the use of a mobile phone or device. The UCPB Mobile Phone Banking Application must be successfully installed in the Client’s mobile phone.
  2. A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to the Client’s registered email address or mobile number before the Client log in as an additional layer of security.
  3. To help protect the Client’s information and data, the Client commits not to download or access the UCPB Mobile Phone Banking Application in a device with unauthorized modifications, otherwise known as Jailbroken or Rooted devices. The Bank will not be held responsible for any application or security issues that may be encountered in devices with unauthorized modifications.
  4. The user will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei App Gallery, or any future platform that the UCPB mobile bnaking app will be available in.


  1. The following transactions can be done using UCPB CONNECT:
    1. Account Balance Inquiry
      • The Client may inquire the current and available or withdrawable balance of his enrolled account.
    1. Transaction Inquiry
      • The Client may view the details of his account’s transactions during the last ninety (90) day period.
    1. Fund Transfer/Bills Payment
      • Only cleared and withdrawable balances from the Client’s account shall be considered for fund transfer or bills payment. In case of insufficient funds, the fund transfer or bills payment request shall be rejected and the Bank shall have no liability arising from its non-implementation.
      • Only transfers between accounts with the same currency is allowed in the UCPB CONNECT system.
      • The Client’s account will be debited with the amount of any transfer and/or other transaction effected by the use of the facility including charges that may be imposed by the Bank.
      • For interbank fund transfer, charges shall be automatically debited from the Client’s account.
      • For internet banking, fund transfer may be effected immediately or scheduled in advance subject to cut-off times and processing schedules of the channel. The future-dated fund transfer instructions shall be processed on the date specified by the Client. Future-dated transfers may be cancelled provided it is done so before the specified date of transfer.
      • In allowing fund transfers through the Bank’s channels, the Bank shall not be held liable for any losses or damages which may be suffered by the Client, transferee or other third party in any way directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with the use of the Bank channels.
      • In accepting bills payment/funds transfer to other banks, the Bank merely serves as conduit between the Client and the biller/other banks and shall therefore not be answerable for the discrepancies due to the fault of the Client such as, but not limited to, incorrect entry of subscriber number/beneficiary account number by the Client in the system, etc. nor shall the Bank be held liable for any action which may arise between the Client and the Biller/other banks, the latter hereby agreeing to hold the Bank free and harmless whatsoever from any liability for damages including but not limited to losses, expenses, costs that the Client or Biller may incur as a result of the Bank’s execution of the said transaction.
      • In case of erroneous fund transfer or bills payment, the Client shall refer the error to the Bank’s Customer Relations Center, ATM Center, or the Client’s Maintaining Branch within twenty four (24) hours or the next banking day after the fund transfer or bills payment was made. However, the Bank shall reverse the erroneous fund transfer or bills payment only with the written authorization from the transferee or biller.
    1. Checkbook Requisition
      • The Client may use the internet banking facility to request checkbooks. Use of the facility for this purpose shall have the same effect as submission to the Bank of a Check Requisition Stub or Written Letter duly accomplished and signed by the Client. The Maintaining Branch shall process checkbook requisitions subject to availability of Client’s funds for the charges.
    1. Stop Payment Order
      • The Client may use the internet banking facility to issue a Stop Payment Order for a check which has not been paid as of the date and time of such order.
    1. Bank Mail
      • Using the internet banking facility of UCPB CONNECT, the Client can send email to the Bank to:
        1. Request for information on products and services
        2. Communicate other issues, suggestions or concerns
      • Any urgent requests that need prompt attention must be communicated via the Bank’s Customer Relation Center hotline or email, or via the Client’s Maintaining Branch for proper disposition. These requests include, but are not limited to:
        1. Stop Payment Order
        2. Reporting of lost or stolen ATM card
        3. Unauthorized transactions in any of the enrolled accounts
        4. Halting a scheduled fund transfer scheduled to occur (Request must be sent to the Bank at least 1 banking day before the scheduled date)
      • The Client agrees that the Bank may contact the Client through the Bank Mail with regard to new Bank products and services as well as any concerns related to UCPB services.
      • The Bank shall accept electronic messages exchanged via the Bank Mail as conclusive and binding on the Client.
  1. The Bank will reject transactions under any of the following circumstances:
    • If the available balance of the Client’s account is not sufficient to cover both the transaction amount and the corresponding charge.
    • If the Client’s account is dormant or inactive, closed, frozen or garnished
    • If the Client has exceeded the transaction limits imposed by the Bank
    • If the Client did not pass the user authentication and transaction verification routine of the facility
    • If the Bank has reasonable grounds to suspect unauthorized or fraudulent use of Client’s access credentials
  1. The Bank shall, on a best-effort basis, carry-out the instructions received from the Client through the Mobile Phone Banking Facility, within a reasonable time frame. However, the Bank does not guarantee consistent and immediate execution of such instructions as the delivery of mobile banking services depends on the infrastructure, connectivity and services provided by intermediaries such as mobile phone companies. The Bank shall not be liable for any loss or damage (whether direct or indirect), costs, charges or expenses incurred by the Client due to delay or inability of the Bank to provide the mobile phone banking service.
  2. The Bank reserves the right to limit the amount or frequency of transactions that the Client may course through UCPB CONNECT. The Bank also reserves the right to suspend the Client’s access to the system and to terminate any or all the services offered through the facility without prior notice.
  3. Each successful transaction coursed through UCPB CONNECT shall be evidenced by system-generated transaction record, transaction slip or reference number that may be used by the Bank as basis in investigating any complaints lodged by the Client.
  4. Any and all transactions coursed through any of the channels by the Client shall be binding and conclusive upon the Accountholder. For Joint “or” accounts, it is understood that all transactions done through any of the above-enumerated services are binding on the co-depositors irrespective of who among the accountholders initiated the transactions. As such, the Client/s shall be responsible for all consequences of such transactions initiated relative to his/their corresponding deposit account/s.
  5. The display or printed output produced by the Client at the time of operation of the internet/mobile banking facility is merely the Client’s personal record of the transaction and shall not be construed as the Bank’s record of the relevant transactions. In case of discrepancies, the Bank’s own record of transactions maintained through computer systems or otherwise shall be accepted as conclusive and binding for all purposes unless any discrepancy is pointed out by the Client within a week from the date of sending the periodical statement to the Client.


  1. The Client has the responsibility to procure all the necessary equipment, with the corresponding adequate safeguards against malicious threats, and maintain the same in good working condition for the proper use of UCPB CONNECT. The Client shall likewise undertake not to use faulty, defective or non-secure equipment to access the UCPB CONNECT or to use the facility in any unauthorized or fraudulent transactions.
  2. The Bank shall not be liable for any loss or misplacement of funds caused by unauthorized transactions.


  1. UCPB CONNECT shall be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except when the facility is on off-line condition for any reason. UCPB CONNECT shall also depend on the availability of connection of the internet or mobile phone company.
  2. The Mobile Phone Banking Facility is available only within the cellular circles of the Client’s telephone service provider or in the circles forming part of the roaming network of such service providers.


  1. The Bank shall not be liable to the Client for his inability to use the facility due to line problems, computer hardware or software problems including viruses or bugs, or related/incidental problems that may be attributed to the services provided by any service provider or information service provider.
  2. The Client shall hold the Bank and/or any of its officers or representatives free and harmless from any delay, loss, liability, demand or claim of whatever nature due to any error occurring in connection with or resulting from the use of the UCPB CONNECT, including but not limited to computer error, computer off-line or telephone and/or mobile phone line interruption, or any other cause not reasonably within the Bank’s control that may affect the timeliness and accuracy of the instructions sent and the processing of the transaction. The Client waives all rights of action against the Bank in relation thereto.
  3. In the absence of any gross negligence, fraud, fault or willful default on the part of the Bank or its employees, the Client shall indemnify the Bank, its employees or information provider and their respective officers and employees against all liabilities, claims, demand, losses, damages, cash, charges and expenses of any kind that may be incurred by any of them and all actions or proceedings which may be brought by third parties in connection with the provision of the services.


  1. Transaction coursed through internet banking will be free of charge except for fund transfers to other banks, statement request for pick-up at the branch, checkbook order request, ATM replacement and Stop Payment Order. The Bank reserves the right to impose service fees and other reasonable charges pursuant to the Bank’s standing policy/ies, and to change or amend the same upon prior notice to the Client. For the purpose of collecting the above charges, the Client authorizes the Bank to debit the corresponding amount of the charges from the Client’s deposit account/s.
  2. Transactions coursed through the Mobile Phone Banking Facility shall be charged with corresponding fees, as follows:
  3. Transaction Transaction Fee (in Philippine Peso) Transaction Fee (in US Dollar)
    Balance Inquiry FREE FREE
    Fund Transfer to Own UCPB Accounts FREE FREE
    Fund Transfer to Other UCPB Accounts FREE FREE
    Buy Load FREE n/a
    Bills Payment FREE n/a
    Transaction History FREE FREE
  4. The above charges are exclusive of the charges imposed by the Client’s cellular service providers for SMS and/or internet connection. These charges shall be automatically debited from the Client’s enrolled account with the Bank. The Bank reserves the right to modify the above fees subject to notification to the Client.
  5. Any fees collected by third-party service providers for the internet access or Short Messaging Service (SMS) shall be for the account of the Clients.


  1. The Bank reserves the right to terminate/suspend the agreement covering the services, facilities, and channels or to terminate/suspend the current and future use of the same in whole or in part, if among others, the Client provides any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or the Bank has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, at any time without prior notice to the Client.
  2. The Bank reserves the right to cancel Client’s access privilege to UCPB CONNECT if at any time, at the sole discretion of the Bank and without prior notice to the Client, the Bank find out that the account is fictitious and/or is being used for fraudulent purposes, or improperly handled, or for any other reason that the Bank may deem necessary to protect its interest.
  3. The Bank may suspend or terminate the Client’s electronic banking service without prior notice if the Client breached any of the Terms and Conditions hereof or if the Bank learns of the Client’s death, bankruptcy or lack of legal capacity or other reasons which, in the Bank’s opinion, would prejudice the interests of both the Bank and/ or the Client.
  4. The arrangement between the Bank and any of its partners, billers, service providers and merchants related to the provision of any of the UCPB CONNECT facilities may be terminated without prior notice to the Client.
  5. The Client may request for termination of the UCPB CONNECT by giving a prior written notice of at least 10 banking days to the Bank. The Client shall remain responsible for any online banking transactions made on his account/s through the service prior to the time of such cancellation of the UCPB CONNECT. The Agreement comprised in these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to remain in full force and effect for all pending transaction scheduled prior to the effectivity of the termination. These shall still be processed unless the Client cancels/ deletes said transactions. Also, the termination of UCPB CONNECT shall not prejudice the Client’s liability in respect of transactions committed or omitted prior to termination thereof. The Bank may, for security and other reasons, discontinue the UCPB CONNECT.


  1. UCPB will keep my information I provided through this portal including but not limited to, my account information, transactions, and personal information necessary to carry out my registration and use of this facility. I hereby give my consent for the Bank, its accredited agencies, and the UCPB Group of Companies to:
    1. Collect, store, use, and process my personal data
    2. Share and disclose my information to the following:
      • UCPB (among employees of the Bank, advisers, auditors, agents, and representatives) and UCPB Group of Companies;
      • Credit bureaus, including, but not limited to, the Credit Information Corporation (CIC) pursuant to Republic Act No. 9510;
      • Bank and non-bank external supervisory and regulatory bodies of the Government of the Philippines as required by laws; and
      • Outsourced companies which the UCPB and the UCPB Group of Companies have engaged or may engage for marketing, promotional, and other purposes as may be necessitated by given circumstances
  1. I recognize that my continued access and usage into this UCPB System will constitute my consent mentioned above.


  1. The PARTIES shall comply with the requirements of Republic Act No. 10173, otherwise known as the “Data Privacy Act of 2012”, and all other related rules, orders and regulations as may be provided by the National Privacy Commission in relation to the collection, storage, usage, disclosure/sharing, disposal and protection (processing) of Personal Data obtained in connection with this Agreement. UCPB shall ensure the confidentiality of any personal information that comes to its knowledge and possession, subject to processing as may be necessary and in accordance with the legitimate interest of complying with a legal obligation.


  1. The Bank reserves the right to determine the scope of the facility, set or change the cut-off time, transaction limits, modify, restrict, withdraw, cancel, disconnect, deactivate, suspend or discontinue any services without prior notice to the Client.
  2. The Bank may amend at any time any of these Terms and Conditions as it may deem necessary for the best interest of both parties: provided, such amendments are not contrary to banking laws and regulations of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).
  3. The Bank may terminate this Agreement at any time for whatever reason with prior notice to the Client.
  4. Other terms and conditions of the Bank’s savings or current, ATM and Telebanking services shall be deemed part of this Agreement in so far as they are not inconsistent herewith.
  5. The venue of all legal actions or proceedings arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be brought only in the proper courts of Makati City to the exclusion of all other venues.

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