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UCPB EMV Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

UCPB EMV Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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UCPB Visa Debit/EMV Cards

  1. What is EMV?

    EMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, is a global standard for credit, debit and prepaid payment cards based on chip card technology. EMV chip-based payment cards, also known as smart cards, contain an embedded microprocessor, a type of small computer.

    The microprocessor chip contains the information needed to use the card for payment, and is protected by various security features. Chip cards are a more secure alternative to traditional magstripe payment cards.

  2. What are the benefits of EMV cards over the magstripe cards?

    With the EMV chip, card transactions are made more secure because encrypted security credentials are embedded on the chip and these keys are verified during card transaction. Only the issuing banks are able to decrypt and validate the said keys. This prevents fraudulent transactions from counterfeit cards produced through skimming or card cloning.

  3. Do I have to do anything to replace my existing UCPB ATM Card?

    For regular ATM cardholders, UCPB will automatically create your replacement card following its schedule for card replacement. Your maintaining branch will issue an advisory once your UCPB ATM card is ready for pick-up.

    For UCPB eMoney cardholders, you need to go to your maintaining branch and apply for a card replacement.

    If your regular ATM card or eMoney Card is under a UCPB Payroll arrangement, you need to coordinate with your HR on the schedule and process of card release for your company.

  4. How do I claim my UCPB Visa Debit/EMV Card?

    You may go to your maintaining branch to personally pick-up your card replacement. For your protection, pick-up of the card via representative will not be allowed.

    Again, if your regular ATM card or eMoney Card is under a UCPB Payroll arrangement, you need to coordinate with your HR on the schedule and process of card release for your company.

  5. Is there a charge for this card replacement?

    You will be issued the new UCPB Visa Debit Card free-of-charge.

    However, for succeeding card replacements (i.e. lost or stolen card) a fee of PHP160 per replacement shall be charged.

  6. My maintaining branch is far from where I’m currently assigned. Where else can I claim my UCPB Visa Debit/EMV Card?

    You may request for your card to be released through a UCPB Branch accessible to you by accomplishing the Inter-Branch Card Release Form. You may submit the accomplished Inter-Branch Card Release Form to any UCPB Branch or send a scanned copy via email to crc@ucpb.com.

  7. What are the requirements to claim my new UCPB Visa Debit Card?
    Please bring the following when you claim your UCPB Visa Debit Card:
  • Two (2) valid Identification Cards (i.e. Company ID and one (1) valid government-issued ID or two (2) valid government-issued IDs)
  • Existing UCPB ATM Card (optional, for reference only)

You may also be required to update your information with the bank by accomplishing the Customer Information Update Sheet and the Account Information Card.

* Please bring a Billing Statement (if there’s a change in your Present/Permanent Address) and a NSO Marriage Certificate (if there’s a change in your marital status).

  1. What will happen to my existing UCPB ATM Card? Will I be required to surrender my existing card?

    You may continue to use your old ATM cards while the card replacement is ongoing. You need not surrender your existing card when claiming your new card. The old card will just be deactivated once you activate your newly-issued UCPB Visa Debit Card. Activation will be via PIN change through the branch.

  2. Will I use the same PIN I have with my original card?

    No. You will also receive a new pin mailer corresponding to this card replacement. Upon receipt of your new UCPB Visa Debit Card, please change your pin in the branch to ensure the security of your card and to activate your card. Once activated, you can then use the card.

  3. What happens to the balance of my old card?

    Your balance will remain the same as we will only be changing your card. Your account number will remain the same.

  4. What transactions can I do with my UCPB Visa Debit Card?
    Aside from the transactions you can do using a regular ATM card through UCPB and Bancnet ATMs in the Philippines (e.g. cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, bills payment, fund transfer within your own accounts, to other UCPB accounts and to accounts in other local banks), the following transactions are now enabled using your UCPB Visa Debit Card:
  • International ATM Cash Withdrawal. You can now get cash in the local currency (e.g. USD in USA, HKD in Hongkong, etc.) when you travel abroad.
  • Cashless Purchases via Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals in Visa-accredited merchants here and abroad.
    • Why am I not being required to input my PIN / sign the transaction slip for transactions below Php 2000 anymore when I use it in POS terminals?

      The PIN /signature requirement is dependent on the rules and regulations of the particular network (e.g. BancNet, VISA) where the card transaction is processed through.

      Previously, UCPB cards are only powered by BancNet therefore can only be used locally through BancNet POS terminals. BancNet requires a PIN to proceed with the transaction.

      Now, your UCPB card is powered by both VISA and BancNet, therefore can be used both locally and internationally through VISA and BancNet POS terminals. VISA does not always require a PIN or signature to proceed with the transaction, depending on the merchant / amount of the transaction.

      If a merchant has both VISA and BancNet POS terminals, the merchant makes use of the VISA POS terminal as a default, therefore would not need your PIN to be inputted to process the transaction. If the merchant uses the BancNet POS terminal, your PIN would be required to process the transaction.

    • Can I increase/decrease the POS purchase limit of my UCPB Visa Debit Card?

      Currently, the default POS purchase limit is set at Php 100,000 daily. You may request for an increase or decrease of your POS purchase transaction limits through your UCPB maintaining branch. Please note that the limit covers both POS purchase and online purchase transactions. You will need to present your UCPB Visa Debit Card and valid IDs upon request.

  • Online Shopping through Visa-accredited web merchants/e-commerce sites.
    • Your use of the UCPB Debit Card with the required authorization such as correct PIN entry for ATM and POS terminals, signing of the transaction slip for selected POS terminals or Card Number and other required information, such as the Card Expiry and Card Verification Value (CVV) entry, for internet payment facilities/e-Commerce sites shall serve as your instruction to UCPB to process the transaction based on your valid authorization.
  1. What are the limits of my UCPB Visa Debit Card?

    Below are the standard limits of your card. You may have this increased/decreased through your maintaining branch.

    Transaction Daily Limit
    ATM Cash Withdrawal PHP 20,000
    Purchases (via Point-of-Sale(POS) and Online Payments) PHP 100,000
    POS Cash Pay-out PHP 20,000
    Inter-Bank Funds Transfer PHP 100,000

  2. What are the charges?

    The following transactions are free of charge:

    Transaction Transaction Fee
    Cash Withdrawal, Balance Inquiry, and Fund Transfer to UCPB Accounts through UCPB ATMs Free
    Bills Payment through UCPB and local bank ATMs Free
    Cashless Purchase through Point-of-Sale Terminals Free
    Online Shopping Payment through Visa-accredited internet merchants* Free
    * some merchants charge web or convenience fee

    Transactions through the following channels are charged with the corresponding fees:

    Transaction Transaction Fee
    Balance Inquiry through local bank ATMs PHP 2
    Cash Withdrawal through local bank ATMs PHP 12
    Inter-Bank Fund Transfer through UCPB and local bank ATMs PHP 25
    Balance Inquiry through International Visa-accredited ATMs PHP 50
    Cash Withdrawal through International Visa-accredited ATMs PHP 150

    Fees may be updated by UCPB from time to time. For updates and the complete list of applicable fees and charges, please visit our Service Fees and Charges page.

  3. What happens if there are unauthorized transactions made using my UCPB VISA Debit Card?

    Immediately report any unauthorized use of your card to UCPB ATM Hotline at (632) 811-9292, Domestic Toll Free (1-800-1-888-9777) or Universal Toll Free (IAC +800-1-888-9777) and have your card blocked to prevent any additional unauthorized use. You will also be requested to fill out a dispute form and provide other required information to help the investigation and to see if the funds may still be retrieved from the merchant, following VISA rules and guidelines.

    Please note: Card replacement of blocked cards is subject to payment of the regular card replacement fee.

For more information on UCPB Visa Debit/EMV card, please visit our Visa Debit page.

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