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UCPB Start2Save Junior Savings Account: A fun and easy headstart to a brighter future

UCPB Start2Save Junior Savings Account: A fun and easy headstart to a brighter future

Given how essential money skills are to life, it is important for parents to teach their children the value of money at an early age. Learning basic concepts like budgeting, saving, wise spending and even investing will improve their ability to manage their financial resources and achieve financial wellness in the future.

While saving their money in a piggy bank or coin jars is a good start, bringing your kids to a bank and teaching them how to open an account and regularly deposit their savings will turn this into a good habit. It may also spark their interest on how to make money grow through investments. In time, it will also be an opportunity to help them appreciate and use other financial tools such as insurance variants to protect their future, and loans to extend their budget for big-ticket items such as their own car, house or business when they grow up.

The important thing is to take the first step with your kids and what better way to do this than through the UCPB Start2Save(S2S) Junior Savings Account. With an initial deposit of only P100 and few requirements such as your kid’s school ID and 1×1 photo, kids and teens 7-19 years old now have a fun and easy way to save money. Parents can also open an In-Trust-For Account for babies and kids up to 6 years old when they submit their valid ID together with their children’s NSO-issued birth certificates and 1×1 photos.

To make saving more fun, kids will receive a UCPB S2S welcome kit that has a passbook and ATM card with EMV chip which is the global standard in card security. It also contains stickers, a notepad where they can monitor their saving and spending, and a birthday coupon to claim an exciting gift from their UCPB maintaining branch on their birth month.

Open a UCPB Start2Save Junior Savings Account now for your kids and help them develop good financial habits. Visit any UCPB branch or go to www.ucpb.com/accounts/start2save/ for more details.

Date published: June 24, 2019

UCPB SalarEasy: The easy solution to your children’s education expenses

UCPB SalarEasy: The easy solution to your children’s education expenses

Parents always want the best for their children especially when it comes to their education. Quality education, however, doesn’t come cheap and funding your kids’ tuition fees may bring a lot of financial strain. While saving early and investing in an education plan can keep you from borrowing money, applying for a salary loan can also help you stretch your budget and cover for your children’s tuition fees.

UCPB offers SalarEasy Personal Loan to provide you with the much-needed funds for your children’s educational expenses. With a minimum loan amount of P50,000 and a maximum three-year payment term, parents who have been regular employees for the last two years or who run their own business for the last three years are qualified to apply for a salary loan with great ease and convenience. Simply download and fill out the application form from the UCPB website, submit the required documents to the nearest UCPB branch, and wait for the credit decision. The loan amount will be released through a post-dated check or may be credited to your UCPB VISA Debit Card.

To properly manage the family budget, you can check out how much you can afford to loan and pay every month with the UCPB LoanEasy calculator via www.ucpb.com/salareasy.

Apply for a UCPB SalarEasy Personal loan today and find a solution that bridges your budget and your children’s educational expenses. You can also use it to finance home renovations, car repairs, travel expenses and medical needs.

For more information about UCPB SalarEasy Personal Loan, visit any UCPB branch, talk to one of our loan account officers at (02) 811-9100 or email at loans@ucpb.com.

Date published: June 19, 2019

Investment made easy and affordable with UCPB InvestEasy

Investment made easy and affordable with UCPB InvestEasy

When it comes to saving and investing, the sooner one starts, the better. However, investing usually takes a back seat because it often requires a relatively large sum to make that first investment in buying stocks or bonds or placing it in a Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF).

That’s why UCPB is making it easy and affordable for first-time investors to get into the habit of regularly saving and investing for as little as Php 1,000 a month. With UCPB InvestEasy, they can now enjoy the benefits of an easy savings and investment plan through an auto debit facility that will help them reach their goals.

“We developed UCPB InvestEasy to make it easier and more affordable for clients to attain the goals they have set for themselves and their families – having their own home or car, travelling with their family to dream destinations or simply enjoying a comfortable retirement. We have seen a growing number of investors who belong to the millennial and middle-income market but we believe that this will exponentially grow if we make it more affordable for them to make their first and succeeding investments,” said UCPB FVP, Trust Officer and Head of Trust Banking Group Arturo I. Lipio, Jr.

UCPB InvestEasy is a simple and convenient way of investing and saving regardless of age, income level or investment experience. Aside from making it more affordable, UCPB InvestEasy also makes it easy for clients to build the habit of saving and investing through its auto debit facility. This allows clients to regularly and automatically set aside funds for immediate investment to ensure a steady and consistent flow of contributions. Clients gain instant participation in the stock and bond markets through a diversified pool of investment through UCPB UITFs. To make it even easier, UCPB’s professional fund managers will invest, manage and monitor the clients’ investments based on their investment and risk profile.

“We encourage those who are interested to invest but may be intimidated by the amount they have to save, the investment jargon they have to learn or the time they have to devote in monitoring stocks. We have removed these obstacles to grow investments. I always say time is your best friend when building your investment portfolio so don’t put it off for we have made investment easy and affordable for you,” Mr. Lipio added.

Get started on your easy and affordable investment journey today with UCPB InvestEasy. For more information on UCPB InvestEasy, get in touch with the UCPB Trust Banking Group at (02) 811-9515 or 811-9522.

Risk Disclosure Statement
Investments and services offered by all Trust Institutions are not deposit accounts and are not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). These are not obligations of, and are not guaranteed or insured by UCPB Trust Banking Group (TBG), its affiliates or subsidiaries and do not carry and guarantees on returns. All income, as well as losses, arising from such investments/services are for the account of the investors.

Date published: June 17, 2019

Have more peace of mind when you do online transactions with the UCPB Visa Debit card!

Have more peace of mind when you do online transactions with the UCPB Visa Debit card!

One of the security features of the new UCPB Visa Debit Card is that it monitors the card’s usage 24/7.

For every transaction done online using your UCPB Visa Debit Card (this includes your GrabCar enrollment and bookings) , you will receive an SMS or text message to help you monitor your budget and protect you against fraudulent card transactions.

To maximize this security feature and to receive important and timely announcements and customer service advisories, please update your contact details through your UCPB branch.

Date published: January 27, 2016

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What to do with your Christmas bonus aside from spending it? Invest it for your big dreams!

What to do with your Christmas bonus aside from spending it? Invest it for your big dreams!
Pay off the outstanding balance in your credit card

Use your bonus to pay off your credit card debt. If you can pay off the full amount, do it. Your bonus is technically your excess money, since your monthly payroll should be able to cover all your needs. When you settle your credit card balance or your debt in full or with a substantial amount, your balance doesn’t balloon so much so that monthly payments barely pay off the principal.

Set aside for your financial goals

Put a target on what you want to accomplish. Do you want to fly to Paris next year? Do you want to a buy a condominium unit? Do you want to grow your investments by 10 percent by the end of 2017? When your goals are clear, you’ll know how to work to hit those targets. Achieving one’s objectives begin with establishing well-defined targets.

Place your excess funds in UCPB’s Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs), and let fund managers do the investing for you. It’s not complicated or intimidating at all. For as low as P10,000, you can wisely invest your bonus in any of UCPB’s UITFs. This will be included in a pool of funds that will be managed by professionals so you don’t have to worry or closely monitor your investments.

Enjoy your bonus … but do not splurge

By all means, enjoy your bonus because you worked hard for it all year. You deserve that new gadget, that plane ticket you’ve been hoping for, or that new car you need – but exercise prudence. Put a part of your bonus into a nest egg to prepare for a rainy day. You’ve probably heard this over and over again, but you have to save for unforeseen events so that you can respond to these things better.

UCPB BancNet eGov Payment Service

UCPB BancNet eGov Payment Service

File and pay your employees’ monthly contributions and loan payments to SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG online through UCPB!


Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the UCPB BancNet eGov Service?
    eGov is an online facility for the electronic filing and payment of mandatory contributions and loan payments to SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG Fund through the BancNet network and UCPB, as your depository bank.
    With UCPB BancNet eGov, there is no need to leave your office to file and pay your employees’ monthly contributions and loan repayments!

  2. What can I pay using the UCPB–BancNet eGov Service?
    eGov offers three (3) payment modules:
    Electronic filing and payment of Monthly Employee Contributions using the MCLMed, MCLNoMed or MCLR3 Contribution Files and Loan Repayment using the LCL file
    Electronic payment and settlement of Monthly Premium Contributions filed through the PhilHealth ePRS (Electronic Premium Remittance System)
    Electronic filing and payment of Monthly Contributions and Savings and Loan Amortizations for Short-Term Loans (STL) and Calamity Loans (CL)

  3. Can my company use the UCPB BancNet eGov Service?
    The UCPB BancNet eGov service can be used by all employer-members of SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG, with a UCPB Savings or Checking Account. Other requirements will be discussed by your UCPB Branch Manager.

  4. Is the UCPB – BancNet eGov Service secure?
    The UCPB – BancNet eGov Service is definitely secure! The service employs the most advanced Secure Socket Layer (SSL Certificate) and anti-virus programs.
    The setup of the UCPB BancNet eGov Service ensures that only the authorized representatives of your company will be able to access the facility, and perform transactions on your company’s behalf.
    Roles will be assigned based on the following:

I’m interested! How can my company avail of this service?
Your UCPB Branch Manager will set a meeting with your group to discuss the documentation and pre-implementation requirements.

Introducing the UCPB Visa Debit Card: Your Secure Passport to Convenience

Introducing the UCPB Visa Debit Card: Your Secure Passport to Convenience

Your Secure Passport to Convenience

Your UCPB ATM Card just got even better. With the power of VISA, you have the confidence and convenience to pay for your purchases, transact online and withdraw cash anywhere in the world. Enjoy increased security with its built-in EMV chip that protects cardholder data, giving you peace of mind with every transaction.

Upgrade your existing ATM card to the new UCPB Visa Debit Card now! Visit the UCPB Branch nearest you.

ATM Card
Safety Tips
Contactless Payments FAQsNew!
The UCPB Visa Debit Card gives you the confidence and convenience of added security and global acceptance with each transaction:


Your card is accepted in restaurants, mall boutiques, gas stations, and other POS-enabled establishments. Once you see the VISA or BancNet logo, you’re good to go.


Use your UCPB Visa Debit Card for your online purchases from Visa-accredited internet merchants. Now, you can book your airline tickets and hotel reservations online!


Withdraw cash anytime, anywhere through over 2 million ATMs worldwide. Get cash in local currency when you travel abroad. Enjoy this convenience when you see the Visa or Visa Plus logo.


Enjoy increased security with its built-in EMV chip that protects cardholder data, giving you peace of mind with every transaction. EMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, is the global standard in payment card security.


Experience payments at the speed of a tap at VISA terminals with the contactless logo .

What is the UCPB Visa Debit Card?

The UCPB Visa Debit Card is an ATM card linked to your UCPB savings or checking account/s. It is not a credit card. Your UCPB account/s must have sufficient balance for your transactions to push through.

What transactions can I do with my UCPB Visa Debit Card?

Aside from the transactions you can do using a regular ATM card through UCPB and BancNet ATMs in the Philippines (e.g. cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, bills payment, fund transfer within your own accounts, to other UCPB accounts and to accounts in other local banks), the following transactions are now enabled using your UCPB Visa Debit Card:

  • International ATM Cash Withdrawal. You can now get cash in the local currency (e.g. USD in USA, HKD in Hongkong) when you travel abroad.
  • Cashless Purchases via Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals in Visa-accredited merchants here and abroad.
  • Online Shopping through Visa-accredited web merchants/ online sites.


Where can I use my UCPB Visa Debit Card?

Use your UCPB Visa Debit Card in any of the following:

  • UCPB and BancNet ATMs in the Philippines and Visa-affiliated ATMs abroad. Look for the BancNet, Visa or Visa Plus logo. You will be required to input your PIN everytime you use your UCPB Visa Debit Card in the ATMs.
  • Visa and BancNet Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals for cashless purchases from accredited merchants here and abroad, such as restaurants, shops and gas stations. You will be required to enter your PIN or sign a transaction slip to authorize your POS payment purchases.
  • Visa-accredited internet merchants for online shopping. Enter the Card Number and provide the required information such as the Card Verification Value (CVV) found at the back of your card.


Is there a fee when I use my UCPB Visa Debit Card?

This will depend on the type of transaction done and the channel/device used for your transaction. The following transactions are free of charge:

Charges and Fees
Cash Withdrawal, Balance Inquiry, and Fund Transfer to UCPB Accounts through UCPB ATMs
Bills Payment through through UCPB and local bank ATMs
Cashless Purchase through Point-of-Sale Terminals
Online Shopping Payment through Visa-accredited internet merchants
*some merchants charge web or convenience fee

Transactions through the following channels are charged with the corresponding fees:

Transaction Fees
Balance Inquiry through local bank ATMs
Php 2
Cash Withdrawal through local bank ATMs
Php 12
Inter-Bank Fund Transfer through UCPB and local bank ATMs
Php 25
Balance Inquiry through International Visa-accredited ATMs
Php 50
Cash Withdrawal through International Visa-accredited ATMs
Php 150

Fees may be updated by UCPB from time to time. For updates and the complete list of applicable fees and charges, please visit click here.

How much can I withdraw using my UCPB Visa Debit Card?

The default limit for ATM cash withdrawals is Php 20,000 per day. The maximum amount of withdrawal per transaction depends on the ATM you are using.

How much can I purchase through Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals using my UCPB Visa Debit Card?

The daily default limit for POS purchase transactions is Php 100,000 (or the Philippine Peso equivalent for foreign currency transactions).

How about online shopping? Is there a limit to the amount I can purchase online?

Online shopping transactions are included in the daily default POS purchase transaction limit of Php 100,000.

Can I increase the withdrawal and/or purchase limit of my UCPB Visa Debit Card?

You may request for an increase or decrease of your withdrawal and POS purchase transaction limits through your UCPB maintaining branch. You will need to present your UCPB Visa Debit Card and valid IDs upon request.

How will my funds be converted for international transactions?

Foreign-currency transactions (through ATMs and POS terminals abroad, or online shopping purchases from international internet merchants) will automatically be converted to Philippine Peso using a conversion rate defined by Visa International on the date it processes the transaction. Visa International may convert the foreign currency transaction into US Dollars before converting it to Philippine Peso.
Additional fees shall be applied to each foreign currency transaction made using your UCPB Visa Debit Card.

What should I do if my UCPB Visa Debit Card gets lost, stolen or damaged?

You have to immediately call the UCPB ATM Hotline at (632) 811-9292, Domestic Toll Free (1-800-1-888-9777) or Universal Toll Free (IAC +800-1-888-9777).
Visit the nearest UCPB branch to have the card replaced. Card replacement is subject to payment of a card replacement fee.
For further questions/clarifications, you may call the UCPB Customer Relations Center (CRC) at (632) 811-9111 or email crc@ucpb.com.

Contactless Payments FAQsNew!


Why go for contactless payments?

Enjoy a payment experience in seconds.
Pay by simply tapping your card.
It’s as secure as a chip transaction.

How do I make contactless payments?

Look for the contactless logo on the store terminal.
Wait for a beep and for the checkmark or green light to appear and you’re done!
When prompted, bring your card within 1-2 inches of the contactless terminal.

How do I know if my card is capable of doing contactless payments?

Simply check if your UCPB Visa card has the contactless logo .

My UCPB Visa Debit Card currently does not have the contactless logo. How can I get a card that can make contactless payments?

You may replace your current Visa Debit Card at your UCPB maintaining branch. This is subject to a card replacement fee.

How secure is it to make contactless payments?

Contactless payments are just as secure as paying using your chip card. The transaction is processed based on the secure EMV chip technology. Your card must be within 1-2 inches of the terminal for the transaction to be made. Contactless terminals are also designed to make one transaction per card at a time to ensure that a card is only read once before the transaction is completed. Each transaction must be completed or voided before a new one can be processed.

Can I use my contactless card on a non-contactless terminal?

Yes, you can still use your UCPB Visa Contactless Debit Card on regular POS terminals.

Is there a limit to the amount I can transact using contactless?

Contactless transactions fall under your card’s POS transaction limit.
* No sales slip will be printed. If you want a copy of the sales slip, simply request it from the merchant.
** No PIN or signature required for transactions up to Php 2,000.

Ready. Set. Save! with UCPB’s Start2Save Junior Savings Account

Ready. Set. Save!  with UCPB’s Start2Save Junior Savings Account
Ready. Set. Save!
As early as today, you can have a headstart to a better future.
With UCPB Start2Save Junior Savings Account, we’re making saving fun and easy!
It comes with a passbook and ATM card so you can watch your savings grow.
Visit your nearest UCPB branch and start saving now!
Starting a savings account is easy!

This account is open for 0-19 years old. Bring the following to any UCPB branch:
In-Trust-For Accounts (ITF) - in behalf of children 0-6 years old
  • One (1) Valid ID of the Parent
  • NSO copy of Birth Certificate of the Child – photocopy is required, but original copy shall be required for authentication
  • 1×1 ID picture
Principal Accounts - for children and teens 7 to 19 years old
  • One (1) Valid ID from the Child
  • 1×1 ID picture
Start2Save Junior Savings Account Principal Accountholders may be issued ATMs or allowed to enroll to UCPB Connect, Mobile Phone Banking Service or Telebanking if with written parental conformity.
Start2Save Junior Savings Account shall be converted to UCPB Regular ATM or Passbook Savings accounts on the child’s 20th birthday.

Once you have an account, set a monthly savings goal and deposit it into your account. The more you deposit, the more your money grows.
The minimum balance to earn interest is P1,000.

You can check your savings through your passbook and ATM.

For more information, please inquire through:
Any UCPB branch or UCPB Customer Relations Center
(632) 811-9111
Toll–Free: 1-800-1-888-9777

Need an ATM for your events? We’ll bring the UCPB Mobile ATM at your doorsteps!

Need an ATM for your events?   We’ll bring the UCPB Mobile ATM at your doorsteps!

Other Deposit Products and Services

Mobile ATM Services

Hosting a bazaar? Need your sales paid in cash?  Payroll day?
Let UCPB come to you!

The first and only mobile ATM van in the country lets you put up an ATM in your venues during payroll periods, or for events such as bazaars, trade expos, fundraising activities, or anywhere without an ATM!

With the UCPB Mobile ATM, your customer can:

  • withdraw cash
  • inquire balances
  • transfer funds
  • pay bills

UCPB will take care of:

  • deployment schedule
  • cash delivery
  • monitoring, security, maintenance and technical support
  • providing power for the mobile ATM through the on-board generator if no electrical hook-up is available

Interested? Please contact your branch manager here for more details. We hope to see you in your next event.

Better yet, have a UCPB ATM in your premises! Contact your branch manager here to find out how.

Night Depository Service

Sleep soundly and let UCPB worry about your cash if you can only deposit after banking hours through our Night Depository Service!

Reduce your risk and secure your funds in the bank instead of your office vault.

The UCPB Night Depository Service is initially available in our Cainta, BF Paranaque, Baguio, Carbon (Cebu), SM City Cebu, Dumaguete, Roxas City, and Velez (Cagayan De Oro) branches.

Interested? Please contact your branch manager here for more details.

Extended / Saturday Banking Hours

UCPB Connect

UCPB Connect

Less time at the bank means more time for you
Introducing the new UCPB Connect. It’s a full suite of electronic banking facilities that lets you manage your funds with ease.
With UCPB Connect, you get to spend more time on yourself while still being able to do your banking transactions.
Check your account balance, pay bills, transfer funds, and more.
It’s accessibility and convenience like never before!


Manage your funds with ease through UCPB Connect
Here are the transactions you can do:

Inquire account balance

Pay utilities, credit cards
and other bills

Transfer funds to other
UCPB accounts

Remit funds to other Philippine
bank accounts

Buy Globe, Smart or Sun Cellular load for as low as Php15*

View transaction history

Request for checkbooks

Request for Stop Payment
Orders (SPO)

* available only through the Mobile Phone Banking App.

Transactions Online Banking via www.ucpb.com Through the Mobile Phone Banking App*
Balance Inquiry Free of charge Free of charge
Transfer funds to UCPB Accounts Free of charge Free of charge
Transfer funds to other Philippine bank accounts

Php 25 (InstaPay)

Php 100 (PESONet)

Bills Payments Free of charge Free of charge
Buy cellphone load Not available Free of charge
View transactions Free of charge Free of charge
Report lost ATM card Request is free of charge, but ATM replacement charge applies Not available
Request for checkbooks Request is free of charge, but checkbook charge applies Not available
Request for Stop Payment Order Request is free of charge, but SPO charge applies Not available


Access your payroll or personal accounts through:
• Online via www.ucpb.com
• Android and iOS Mobile Apps
Download and use of the UCPB Mobile Phone Banking app from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store are free of charge. Data / Internet charges may apply.


How to enroll
  1. Go to UCPB’s website at www.ucpb.com and click on “CONNECT LOGIN”
  2. Register as “NEW USER” and fill up the required fields. Follow the instructions online.
  3. Start using UCPB Connect!
  • Log-in using your designated User ID and Password.
    You will be asked to change your password during initial log-in.
  • For mobile, download the UCPB App.
  • You can use the app one banking day after your successful Connect enrollment.
  • Use the same username and password to log-in to Connect and the Mobile Banking App.


Is online banking safe?

Yes. UCPB Connect is a secure facility. For your protection, each financial transaction (bill payment, fund transfer or load purchase) made through the UCPB online and mobile banking requires a password before it is completed.

Make sure your email address and mobile number are updated with your maintaining UCPB branch.
Online Banking Facility
  • You will need a Transaction Password to complete your transactions.
  • Click on the Generate Transaction Password button to receive the Transaction Password via SMS or email.
  • The transaction password is valid per log-in session.
Mobile Banking App
  • You will need an OTP during log-in to the Mobile App to enjoy all the functions of the App (balance inquiry, bills payment, fund transfers and mobile load purchase).
  • Choose between SMS or email to receive the OTP via your mobile number or email address.
  • You need to re-enter your login password to authorize each transaction.
How much are the transaction limits using Connect?

Please visit our Transaction Limits page.

For tips on secure online banking, visit www.ucpb.com/ProtectYourMoney

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Click here to use our UITF Yield Calculator

For more information, please contact
UCPB Trust Banking Group:
(02) 811-9520, 811-9515, or 811-9541

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