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Send money in an instant to other bank accounts in the Philippines through the UCPB PESONet Service!

Send money in an instant to other bank accounts in the Philippines through the UCPB PESONet Service!

PESONet is a new electronic funds transfer service that enables customers of participating banks to transfer funds in Philippine Peso currency to another customer of other participating banks, e-money issuers or mobile money operators in the Philippines.

For complete information on PESONet, please visit www.pesonet.info.

Through the UCPB PESONet Service, transfers done before 3PM will be received by the beneficiary in full amount, on the same day.

For UCPB Mobile App users, you need to update your App in Google Play Store or the App Store.


How do I transfer to other banks through PESONet?
There are three options on how to transfer funds through PESONet:  through UCPB Connect, UCPB Mobile Phone Banking and over the counter in UCPB branches.

  1. UCPB Connect: 
  • Log in to UCPB Connect (Not yet a registered user?  Click here to learn more)
  • Generate a transaction password
  • Click on Inter-bank Fund Transfer, fill up the online form and wait for confirmation.
  1. UCPB Mobile Phone Banking App:
  • Log in using your UCPB Connect Username and Password.
  • Click on Transfer Funds and then select Transfer to other Bank
  • Fill up the form and wait for confirmation.
  1. UCPB branches:
  • Visit any UCPB branch
  • Fill up the Payment Order Application form.

How soon will my beneficiary receive the funds?
Provided that all the details indicated (bank name, account number, full name, address and mobile number) are correct:

  • Fund transfers done before 3:00 PM on banking days will be processed by UCPB and sent to your beneficiary’s bank on the same day.
  • The actual time of crediting by the beneficiary bank to your beneficiary’s account depends on the other bank’s processing cut-off times. However, the funds should still be received by the beneficiary on the same day.

Can I transfer funds even on weekends and holidays?

  • Transactions are processed during banking days only.  If you transacted on a weekend or holiday, your transaction will be processed on the next banking day.
  • In case you made a transfer on a Friday beyond the 3:00 PM cut-off, your request will be processed on the following Monday.

How much is the service charge when doing fund transfers through PESONet?

  • The service charge for the use of PESONet is Php 100 per transaction.  Your recipient will receive the full amount that you transfer.
  • For example, you want your recipient or beneficiary to receive Php 2,000:
  • Input Php 2,000 in the amount to be transferred. 
  • Your account will be deducted with the Php 2,000 transfer and the Php 100 service charge.

What if I made a mistake and provided the wrong details (bank name, account number, amount, full name, address and mobile number), can I still edit, change or amend my request?

  • If the beneficiary bank is unable to credit the transaction to your beneficiary (i.e. wrong or invalid account number), the funds should be returned to the sender on the next banking day.
  • As long as a valid account number is provided, the credit to the beneficiary’s account is considered final.  We encourage you to ensure the correct account number is indicated in your PESONet transfer.
However, in the event that you provided the wrong account number, the request for recovery will be processed on a best effort basis subject to the accountholder’s consent as well as the beneficiary institution’s internal policies on recovery. These will take into consideration: (1) availability of credited funds; (2) beneficiary accountholder’s consent to be debited; and (3) turnaround time. Returned funds may be subject to service fees for the recovery.

If my Fund Transfer was rejected by the beneficiary bank, how soon can you return my money?  
This will depend on the beneficiary bank.
If my Fund Transfer was rejected, will the service fee be refunded?  
Service fee from rejected transactions will no longer be refunded.
Why do I need to provide the Beneficiary address?
This is to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering (AMLA) requirements.
Can non-UCPB accountholders use the UCPB branches to do fund transfers?
Clients need to have an account with UCPB to use the UCPB PESONet Service.  This will also ensure that rejected funds are returned to the correct sender.
As a UCPB accountholder, can I receive funds from other banks?
Yes, your UCPB Account can receive funds from other Philippine banks as well!  Simply provide the following to your sender:

  • UCPB Account number (10 or 12 digits)
  • Full name
  • Complete address
  • Mobile number
Please remind your sender to choose UNITED COCONUT PLANTERS BANK or UCPB from the dropdown list.

I need more information.  Who can I call?
Watch this video to know more about PESONet Fund Transfers.
For any concerns, please contact UCPB’s Customer Relations Center at (02) 811-9111 or email crc@ucpb.com

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