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Take the first step in owning your dream house with UCPB HomEasy Home Loan

Take the first step in owning your dream house with UCPB HomEasy Home Loan
Get a home to call your own.
Take the first step in owning that dream house. With the UCPB HomEasy Home Loan, buying your first home or condo is easy.
Fill out the UCPB LoanEasy Online Application form, attach the required documents and submit online
Authenticate and complete your application by entering the OTP (to be sent via SMS or email) in the required field
Wait for the notification from your maintaining branch or Account Officer on the result of your application
Talk to one of our loan account officers to avail of the UCPB HomEasy Home Loan.


  • Flexible loan term
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Fast processing
  • Extensive partnerships with top real estate developers and brokers
What you need to know about UCPB Home Loan
  • Purchase a residential lot, house and lot, condominium or townhouse
  • Renovate or construct on your already-owned lot
  • Refinance an existing mortgage from another bank
  • Multi-purpose loan (collateral can either be your primary residence, secondary home or vacant lot)
  You are qualified to apply for a UCPB Home Loan if:

  • You have been employed for the last 12 months with a minimum gross monthly income of ₱30,000.00, or
  • You have been in business for the last 3 years
Loanable Amount
  • The minimum loanable amount is ₱500,000.00
  • Maximum of 70% of the appraised value for house and lot, townhouses and condominium units
  • Maximum of 60% of the appraised value for vacant lot
  • Maximum of 80% of the contract price for accredited developers
Loan Term
  • The maximum loan term is 20 years for construction and acquisition of house and lot, townhouses and condominium units.
  • The maximum loan term is 10 years for refinancing, multi-purpose loans and acquisition of vacant lots.
Loan Payment Options
  • Post-dated checks
  • Enrolment of UCPB account for Automatic Debit Arrangement
Monthly Amortization
  • Your payment structure will be determined by how much you are willing to pay as downpayment, how long your loan term is, or how much you can set aside as  monthly payments.
  • We can provide consultation services to design a payment package suited to your needs.
Developers Not Accredited with UCPB
  • A non-refundable appraisal fee will be collected from the borrower (₱5,000* if within Metro Manila and ₱6,000* if outside Metro Manila). (*effective February 20, 2018)
Insurance Requirements
  • Comprehensive insurance policy from any reputable insurance companies on the first year
  • Comprehensive insurance policy from any of the UCPB-Accredited insurance companies on the succeeding years.
Two easy ways to obtain a UCPB Home Loan
Choose the property to be acquired
  • Identify a house and lot or a condominium unit of your choice
  • Inquire with UCPB for the list of accredited developers and their projects
  • We’ve made it easier for you to own homes with our accredited developers by designing special packages! No more appraisals, no more surveys.
Fill up an application form then submit along with the necessary requirements
  1. Housing Loan Application Form
    • Duly Accomplished Application Form
    • 2 Valid Government-issued ID’s
  2. Income Documents
    1. If you are locally employed:
      • Certificate of Employment (COE) indicating salary, position and length of service
      • Latest Income Tax Return or Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld at Source (BIR Form 2316)
    2. If you are an OFW:
      • Certificate of Employment (COE) duly authenticated by Philippine Consulate
      • Crew Contract & Exit Pass validated by POEA (for Seamen)
      • Payslips for the last 3 months
      • Notarized or authenticated Special Power of Attorney (UCPB prescribed format)
  3. If Self-Employed:
    • Articles of Incorporation / By-laws / SEC Registration / DTI Registration
    • Audited Financial Statements and ITR for the last 3 years
    • Bank Statements for the past 6 months
    • List of Trade References (at least 3 names with telephone numbers of major suppliers/customers)
Interested in UCPB Home Loans?
  • Download the application form here
  • Send by email to loans@ucpb.com or send by fax to (02) 8811-9104
  • Call the UCPB Consumer Loans hotline at (02) 8811-9100 (weekdays, 8:30AM to 5:00PM)
  • Or contact your nearest UCPB branch to learn more.

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And let UCPB do the rest!

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