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UCPB Easy Own Pre-owned Car Sale offers quality cars and value-for-money deals

Good news for car buyers looking for the best value-for-money option! UCPB’s Easy Own Pre-Owned Car Sale 2019 offers big savings with low 10% down payment, free chattel mortgage fee and free one-year comprehensive insurance from UCPB GEN.

“One way of saving money when buying a car is to get a pre-owned vehicle of good quality,” said UCPB SVP and Head of Consumer Banking Group Philip S. Pabelico. “For buyers on a budget, UCPB’s line of quality pre-owned cars definitely offers more value for money,” he added.

With the UCPB Easy Own Pre-Owned Car Sale 2019, owning a car has never been this easy and cost-effective.The promo runs until December 31, 2019 and is open to all UCPB clients.

For more details on the UCPB Easy Own Pre-owned Car Sale 2019, visit www.ucpb.com/promos-ucpbeasyown/. Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 4187, Series of 2019. Terms and conditions apply.

Date published: April 3, 2019

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