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Mobile Phone Banking

UCPB Mobile Phone Banking Service

Our nearest branch is in your pocket!

UCPB Mobile Phone Banking allows you to perform banking transactions using your iOS or Android mobile phones and gadgets.

  • Inquire balances of your peso and US dollar accounts
  • Transfer funds between UCPB accounts
  • Pay your utility, credit card and other bills
  • Buy load for Globe, Smart or Sun Cellular phones for as low as Php15.00
  • View the history or log all transactions initiated through the UCPB Mobile Phone Banking App

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll?
What are the accounts that I can enroll in UCPB Connect?
What if I enrolled in UCPB Connect using my Mobile Phone?
What phones and gadgets can I use for Mobile Banking?
Can I use the UCPB Mobile Phone Banking Service on any network?
Can I use the UCPB Mobile Phone Banking on more than one phone?
Can I use both the Mobile Banking and Online Banking simultaneously?
How do I log in?
What if I forget my Password?
Can I set my Mobile App to remember my User ID?
What are the passwords I need to be able to transact aside from my User ID and Password?
How long is the validity of the One Time Password (OTP)?
How much will I be charged?
Can I transact using my mobile phone after banking hours, or on a non-banking day or holiday?
Can I transfer funds from my peso account to my dollar account and vice-versa?
How long will it take for UCPB to process my transactions?
Can I use the UCPB Mobile Phone Banking while I am in other country?
What if my account requires two or more signatories (Joint ''AND'' Joint ''OR'' Accounts)?
What do I do if I want to change my email address or mobile number?
Will I receive a notification on every transaction I made through UCPB Connect?
How come I cannot view all of my previous transactions in the UCPB Mobile Banking App - Transaction History?
What will happen if I unintentionally forgot to log off in Mobile Banking?
What will happen if my Mobile phone was lost or stolen, do I need to re-enroll again?
What do I do if I experience a session timeout?
Is there an Average Daily Balance to access UCPB Mobile Phone Banking?
How do I contact UCPB Customer Relations Center if I still have other inquiries or concerns regarding the UCPB Mobile Phone Banking Service?
Where can I view the Terms and Conditions of this service?

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