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VISA recognizes UCPB for Highest Debit eCommerce Payment Volume Growth in 2018

VISA recognizes UCPB for Highest Debit eCommerce Payment Volume Growth in 2018

UCPB was recognized by VISA for obtaining the Highest Debit eCommerce Payment Volume Growth in 2018. This is the second year for UCPB to obtain the recognition from VISA after launching a UCPB VISA Debit EMV Card in 2016.

The award was presented by VISA Business Development Head Dan Wolbert and Country Manager for VISA Philippines Stu Tomlinson (1st and 5th from left) to UCPB AVP2/Product Management and Sales Department Head Erica C. Diago, VP/Marketing Group Head Charina C. de la Cruz-Balanquit and AVP/Product Manager Iris Veronica G. Lim (2nd, 3rd and 4th from left) during the VISA Annual Awards held on November 28, 2018 at the Manila Polo Club.

“We owe this award to our VISA Debit cardholders, particularly those who belong to the millennial segment. This represents their daily purchases and payments. We see a continuing increase in card usage as e-payments continue to gain traction in the country with the popularity of online shopping sites, Grab and other Apps which provide unprecedented convenience to our customers. We will continue to enhance our VISA card offering in 2019. We’ll soon launch our VISA payWave card that will enable faster payments using RFID technology. We will also have more promos to encourage card usage and we will continue to use technology to further enhance its security features,” Ms. Balanquit said.

Aside from VISA online merchants, UCPB VISA Debit EMV Card is also accepted globally in POS-enabled establishments like groceries, supermarkets, department stores, restaurants and gas stations. UCPB clients can also withdraw cash anytime, anywhere in over two million ATMs worldwide.

Date published: December 4, 2018

UCPB-CIIF Foundation awards scholarship to 210 more coco farmer children for SY 2018-2019

UCPB-CIIF Foundation has awarded scholarships to 210 more children of coconut farmers for school year 2018-2019, bringing the current number of scholars under the UCPB-CIIF Scholarship Program to 658.

Of the 658 scholars, 533 are taking four-year college courses in 32 State Universities and Colleges and 125 are undergoing 15-month technical vocational training in four Don Bosco trade schools in various parts of the country. The scholars come from 46 coconut-producing provinces.

Since it launched the scholarship program in 2003, UCPB-CIIF Foundation has sent a total of 3,116 children of coconut farmers from 63 coconut provinces to college or trade school.

More than half of the UCPB-CIIF scholars have graduated, with 7 in every 10 of them already earning enough to be able to provide regular financial support to their families for the household expenses, the income-augmenting livelihood projects and the education of their siblings.

UCPB-CIIF Foundation president Edgardo Amistad recounted a story of one UCPB-CIIF scholar who found work as an IT professional in Singapore.

From his earnings, the scholar leased a hectare of riceland in his home province of Aurora that his father is now managing in addition to the coconut farm, adding to the family income.
The scholar also sent his younger brother to college and got him an employer in Singapore so both of them are now supporting the family in the Philippines.

Organized in 1987, the UCPB-CIIF Foundation is one of the social development arms of the UCPB Group and the Coconut Industry Investment Fund (CIIF) Group tasked to implement the two groups’ common mandate to help improve the living condition of coconut farmers.

“We’re delighted that our scholars are taking full advantage of the opportunity to acquire a higher education that we have provided,” Amistad said as he noted that many of the scholars have excelled in their studies.

In the School Year 2017-2018, 41 UCPB-CIIF scholars graduated with academic distinction, including four who garnered magna cum laude honor.

All told, the UCPB-CIIF Scholarship Program has produced 166 honor graduates consisting of two summa cum laude, 13 magna cum laude, and 151 cum laude graduates.

In addition to scholarships, the UCPB Group and CIIF Group also support the foundation’s reforestation program inside the Marikina River Basin Protected Landscape, a livelihood lending program for coconut farmers through the UCPB-CIIF Finance and Development Corp., and a medical charity providing free surgery to children with oral cleft through Operation Smile Philippines.

These social causes are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to provide access to quality and inclusive education to all, to end poverty, and to promote good health and well-being.

Date published: December 4, 2018

UCPB nets P2.91 in first nine months of 2018

UCPB earned P2.91 billion as of September 30, 2018, a 4% decrease from P3.031 billion for the same period last year, as rising interest rates during the period affected the Bank’s net interest margins as well as limited trading opportunities in fixed income securities.

Total interest income grew nearly 10% to P11.44 billion from P10.47 billion a year ago but higher cost of funds curbed the increase in net interest income to only 4%, from P8.31 billion to P8.62 billion.

Loans, mainly coming from the consumer sector, fueled the continued rise of the Bank’s interest earnings with the total portfolio expanding by P17.22 billion or 11% to P178.48 billion from P161.26 billion.

Non-interest income is reported at P1.82 billion, slightly lower than the previous P1.86 billion, as higher revenues from service charges, fees, bancassurance commissions and foreign exchange in the first nine months of the year could not fully offset the contraction of trading and securities gain.

UCPB President and CEO Higinio O. Macadaeg, Jr. said that with the challenging environment likely to persist through the last quarter of the year, “we will focus on businesses where we are particularly strong such as consumer lending, especially the real estate segment, and bancassurance, which stand to grow with the continued expansion of the Bank’s consumer loan portfolio.” Mr. Macadaeg said the Bank will also take up more provisions towards the end of the year, a conservative move to cover the Bank’s growing loan portfolio.

Bancassurance, which UCPB is doing in partnership with United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corp. (COCOLIFE) and UCPB General Insurance Company (UCPB GEN), significantly increased year on year, contributing to the Bank’s earnings in the first nine months of the year.

Date published: November 23, 2018

Historical marker unveiled on UCPB Escolta legacy branch building

Historical marker unveiled on UCPB Escolta legacy branch building
Mr. Roberto Sylianteng and NHCP Deputy Executive Director Carminda Arevalo unveils the FUB historical marker during its 90thanniversary. With them are (L-R) Ms. Gemma Cruz-Araneta, Mr. Dominic Galicia, Mrs. Lorraine Sylianteng, and Ms. Clarita Tang.

First United Building (FUB), home to the Bank’s legacy branch, UCPB Escolta, was recently honored with a historical marker by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP). NHCP Deputy Executive Director Carminda A. Arevalo unveiled the historical market during the building’s 90thAnniversary celebration on October 16, 2018.

Ang Gusaling Perez-Samanillo ay dapat pangalagaan at ituring na isang yaman ng bayan. Ang NHCP bilang isang instrumento ng pamahalaan upang kilalanin at protektahanang mga pook at instrukturang Pilipinas ay kumikilala sa mga gusaling may mahalagang ginampanan sa pag-unlad ng ating pambansang kasaysayan. Ang mga gusali ng Escolta ay saksi sa mga mayayaman, masasaya at pati na rin ang di gaanong masasayang bahagi ng ating kasaysayan,” Deputy Executive DirectorArevalo said.

Constructed in the 1920’s, FUB is one of the oldest buildings in Escolta. Currently home to several commercial establishments as well asan art hub, FUB was formerly known as Bergs Department Store before Mr. Sy Lian Teng bought the building’s ground floor in 1951. It is currently managed by Mr. Sy Lian Teng’s son, Mr. Roberto Sylianteng.

Mr. Roberto Sylianteng said that the historical marker is a reminder to preserve the memories of the last 90 years. “It can be a challenge but I’m very hopeful that with the help of our volunteers and the cooperation between private space owners and the public sector, we will be able to achieve a happy union among the past, present and future.”

UCPB Escolta is an example of the perfect fusion of the past and present. Inaugurated asa legacy branch during the Bank’s 53rdanniversary, UCPB Escolta was renovated to recapture the old look of the original head office in FUB. The branch still exudes old worldélan with wooden interiors and the traditional teller’s booths made of wood-framed glass panels.

“We are proud to be part of Escolta’s rich history. As UCPB’s first branch, we’re honored to provide our personal and proactive service to both our longest-standing clients and new clients for many more years to come,” UCPB Escolta Branch Manager Ana Bunagan said.

Date published: November 15, 2018

UCPB-CIIF Finance’s loans to coco farmers reach P276 M at the end of Q3

UCPB-CIIF Finance and Development Corp. released P125.6 million in new livelihood loans to small coconut farmers in the third quarter of the year bringing its year-to-date September total to P278.7 million.

The loans financed livelihood activities of 3,897 coconut farmers in 60 coconut-producing provinces across the country aimed at augmenting their income from coconut farming.

UCPB-CIIF Finance, one of the social development arms of the UCPB Group and the Coconut Industry Investment Fund (CIIF) Group, is tasked with delivering credits to the countryside in keeping with the two groups’ common mandate to help improve the living condition of coconut farmers.

Company president Edgardo Amistad said UCPB-CIIF Finance has been providing financing to coconut farmers since 1995 for short-gestation projects that generate quick returns such as cash crop cultivation, livestock raising, commodities trading and village-based processing of coconut by-products like coconut sugar.

Total loans released by UCPB-CIIF Finance over the past 32 years is nearing the P10-billion mark at P9.3 billion. The loans have benefitted 447,000 coconut farmers.

Amistad said the UCPB Group and the CIIF companies formed UCPB-CIIF Finance in late 1994 to engage in development lending to coconut farmers, who have difficulty tapping other formal credit sources owing to their small size and the relatively higher risk of their micro-enterprises.

The loans are released through rural financial institutions (RFI), the bulk of which are cooperatives. UCPB-CIIF Finance has a network of these countryside partners that can reach out to over 20,300 barangays in 68 coconut provinces.

In addition to development lending, the UCPB Group and CIIF Group also support a scholarship program for children of coconut farmers and a reforestation program inside the Marikina River Basin Protected Landscape through the UCPB-CIIF Foundation, and a medical charity providing free surgery to children with oral cleft through Operation Smile Philippines.

The social causes the UCPB Group and CIIF Group supports are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, make available quality education to all, and promote good health and well-being.

Date published: November 9, 2018

Drive home the car of your dreams with The Great UCPB Car Sale

For Filipinos, car ownership is synonymous with convenience, mobility and status. Fortunately for those who don’t have the means of buying a brand new car, there is a sizeable portion of the market offering pre-owned cars for sale at reasonable prices. If you have your eyes set on buying a pre-owned car, The Great UCPB Car Sale will make it easy for you to drive home your own set of wheels without breaking the bank.

“We’ve witnessed a surge in the demand for cars in recent years. We hope to make car ownership more affordable for everyone by offering them various financing options through The Great UCPB Car Sale,” Philip S. Pabelico, Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Banking Group said. “Through this promo, our clients will achieve their dream of owning a car in good quality and still be able to manage their budget. They also get to enjoy additional savings in the form of 10% low down payment, waived chattel mortgage fees and free insurance.”

The Great UCPB Car Sale is available to all who will apply for a UCPB DrivEasy Auto Loan until December 31, 2018, with a loan amount of at least P500,000 within a three to five-year loan term.

For clients looking to buy not one but two pre-owned cars, UCPB also offers 20% off on the lower-priced vehicle until December 31, 2018. This offer is open for cash sale or financing through the UCPB DrivEasy Auto Loan.

For more information on these limited offers and for the complete list of pre-owned vehicles, visit www.ucpb.com/promos/thegreatucpbcarsale/. Promo period Per DTI-FTEB Permit Nos. 7850 and 7426 Series of 2018. Terms and conditions apply.

Date published: November 9, 2018

Be one of 11 lucky winners of Php10,000 with UCPB’s Update and Be Rewarded Promo

UCPB is giving its clients a chance to win Php10,000, simply by updating their account information through the Update and Be Rewarded Promo.

“We encourage our clients to inform us immediately of any changes in their account information, especially their new mobile phone number and email address. Updating their account information allows them to get timely information on their accounts and prevent fraud. It ensures that they receive SMS notifications including the One-Time Password (OTP), client advisories, statements of account and other relevant client communication in their correct mobile number, email address or residential address. These efforts provide an additional layer of security to their account and all their banking transactions,” Vice President and Marketing Group Head Charina D. Balanquit said.

Ms. Balanquit added that the promo also supports the Bank’s compliance with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Circulars 706 and 950 which require banks to periodically update clients’ information.

The promo is open to all individual UCPB deposit account holders, consumer loan, treasury and trust banking clients. To qualify for the promo, clients should update their information by filling up the Client Information Update Sheet and provide related documents to their UCPB maintaining branch or the nearest UCPB branch.

Promo runs from October 15, 2018 to January 15, 2019 per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 19233 Series of 2018. For more information, click here.

Date published: November 9, 2018

UCPB GEN offers 24/7 road assistance on Undas weekend

UCPB GEN offers 24/7 road assistance on Undas weekend

Thousands are expected to travel to the provinces to pay respect to departed loved ones on November 1 and 2.

For roadside emergencies, UCPB GEN motor policyholders can rely on kaLAKBAY program’s year-round, 24-hour road assistance. By simply calling hotline number (02) 236-7237, they can immediately get help for vehicle repairs, medical emergencies or accidents.

The program offers services such as minor on-site repair, motor shop and towing services referrals, alternative travel assistance, arrangement for ambulance service, mediphone assistance that provides 24-hour medical advice, traffic updates and road directions. In addition, kaLAKBAY comes with other perks including security and anti-carnapping assistance, referral to authority and legal assistance, claims report service, claims requirements assistance .

UCPB GEN, one of the top 10 non-life insurance companies in the country, is UCPB’s bancassurance partner in offering clients innovative non-life insurance solutions for fire, motor, marine, liability and casualty, and personal accident insurance.

For more information about kaLAKBAY and UCPB GEN Motorcar Insurance Policy, please visit any UCPB branch, call UCPB Customer Relations Center at (632) 811-9111 or toll-free at 1-800-1-888-9777; or email at crc@ucpb.com.


Date published: October 29, 2018

UCPB plants trees for reforestation program

UCPB plants trees for reforestation program
Left photo: BBG-MSD Product Assistant Moira Dominique Serapio did her part in helping regreen the hillside of Mt. Banahaw. Right photo: UCPB associates took a groufie while trekking to the planting site in Mt. Banahaw.

In support of Haribon Foundation’s Forest for Life Movement advocating the restoration of rainforests in the country, 40 UCPB associates trekked the Mt. Banahaw-San Cristobal trail in San Pablo, Laguna on September 29, 2018 to plant 300 seedlings of native tree species.

Led by Haribon program coordinator Thaddy Martinez, UCPB volunteers walked through muddy pathways and climbed more than 12 kilometers to reach the tree planting site. Among the seedlings planted were narra, apitong and bamboo.

“We thank UCPB for joining Haribon once again in the tree planting activity this year. It was a challenging trek for some, but their heart for the environment prevailed to go the extra mile to help in bringing back our forest covers,” Mr. Martinez said.

For Janna J. Mendoza, UCPB HR Training Assistant and one of the organizers of the tree planting activity, it was an opportunity for the associates to engage in environmental initiatives. “UCPB not only allows us to develop in our respective jobs but also gives us opportunities to protect the environment for the enjoyment of present and future generations.”

In 2017, UCPB began its partnership with Haribon Foundation for its environmental protection initiatives by donating seedlings to the foundation that were also planted by UCPB associates at a protected area in San Pablo, Laguna.

Date published: October 19, 2018

UCPB thanks clients with the 55th Anniversary Treat promo

In celebration of its 55th anniversary and as a way of giving thanks, UCPB is treating its clients with not one but five ways to win in the UCPB 55th Anniversary Treat promo.

UCPB clients can join the promo and earn electronic raffle entries by doing any of the following transactions: open their first UCPB savings or checking account; deposit to their existing UCPB savings or checking account; avail of a UCPB auto loan, home loan, business loan or personal loan; purchase using their UCPB Visa Debit Card; and enroll and/or pay their bills online using UCPB Connect, the Bank’s full suite of electronic banking facilities.

“This is our way of expressing our gratitude to our clients for choosing UCPB. We have always made it a point to provide our distinct brand of personal and proactive service to our clients for the last 55 years. This time, we would like to thank and give back to our clients – both old and new – through this anniversary promo,” Executive Vice President and Branch Banking Group Head Edmond E. Bernardo said.

Fifteen (15) winners of Php 5,500 will be drawn monthly. Non-winning entries in the monthly draw will be included in the grand raffle draw. A total of 12 grand prize winners will go home with Php 55,000.

Promo runs from October 1 to December 31, 2018 per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 17643 Series of 2018.

Date published: October 11, 2018

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