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UCPB POS Cash Out Service

UCPB POS Cash Out Service

Introducing the UCPB Point-of-Sale (POS) Cash Out Service. Powered by BancNet, this service enables your customers to withdraw cash from their ATM cards even without an ATM machine in your premises. All you need is a POS Cash Out terminal from UCPB.

How does the POS Cash Out Service work?

Similar to withdrawing cash from an ATM, your customers will simply have to dip their ATM cards into the POS Cash Out terminal installed in your premises, enter their PIN, and the cash will be dispensed manually by your cashier.

Can my store avail of the POS Cash Out Service?

Financial institutions such as rural banks can avail of this service and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Additional income: As a POS merchant, you will earn for every cash withdrawal transaction processed through the POS cash out terminal from service fee charged to the cardholder.
  • Increased foot traffic: More customers will be drawn to your establishment especially if there is no nearby ATM in your area.
  • Secure cash handling: Instead of being burdened with too much cash in your premises, the cash dispensed through the POS Cash Out Service will be automatically deposited to your account, lessening your trips to the bank for cash deposit.

If you are interested in availing of the UCPB POS Cash Out Service for your company, please contact your UCPB Branch or our Corporate Helpdesk.


Who can do withdrawals using the POS Cash Out terminal?

This service is available for all cardholders of Philippine-issued ATM cards, debit cards and cash cards.

How much can my customers withdraw?

Your customers can withdraw any amount between Php100 and P10,000 per withdrawal, but the total daily withdrawal per card should not exceed their bank’s daily limit.

Please also note that unlike regular ATMs, the amount your customers can withdraw do not need to be in multiples of Php100. So your clients can actually withdraw an amount like Php7,907.65.

Is it safe for my customers to use the UCPB POS Cash Out terminal?

Yes. Cash withdrawals and balance inquiries are authenticated via the card’s ATM PIN.

Aside from cash withdrawals, can these POS terminals also perform other transactions?

Aside from POS cash withdrawals, the POS terminal can also handle balance inquiry transactions. Balance inquiry is free of charge.

When will my company receive the settlement for all the POS Cash Out transactions processed through the terminal installed in our premises?

UCPB will settle the amount on the next banking day. You will receive system-generated reports for easier reconciliation.

What kind of POS terminals are available?

You can choose from either wired or wireless POS machines, depending on your needs, or the telco network availability in your area.

What accreditation documents do I need to prepare initially?

You will need to prepare the following:

  • Location and picture of the store where the POS Cash Out terminal will be placed
  • Picture of the potential POS Cash Out station
  • Notarized certification from the owner/Board of Directors indicating their capability to follow the standard operating procedures of the POS Cash Out Service
  • Regulated by BSP or documents showing ability of the cash agent’s compliance with the applicable rules, regulations, and policies on anti-money laundering, consumer protection, bank secrecy, customer data confidentiality, outsourcing and security controls on electronic services

Please note that submission of these documents to the Branch Manager does not automatically grant them a POS Cash Out terminal.

I’d like to see the pricing arrangements for the UCPB POS Cash Out Service.

If you are interested in availing of the UCPB POS Cash Out Service for your company, please contact your UCPB Branch or our Corporate Helpdesk.

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