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Properties for Sale

Properties for Sale

UCPB Repossessed Chattels and Vehicles for Sale

Vehicles for Sale as of August 16, 2019

Use Waze to find our Auto Warehouses! New!
Search Waze for: UCPB Auto Warehouse – Roosevelt QC and UCPB Auto Warehouse – Oyster Plaza, Paranaque

Maps of UCPB Pre-Owned Auto Depots – Oyster Plaza and Roosevelt, QC
Client Information Sheet

Brand New Hardinge GS 200 Lathing and Turning Machine For Sale
Bid Form for Lathe Machine
Brochure for Hardinge GS Lathe Machine

Interested? Please contact
James Ng – (02) 811-9973
Vicky Bautista – (02) 811-9452
Email: amdd@ucpb.com

UCPB Acquired Real Estate Properties for Sale

Properties for Sale as of April 2019

Interested? Please contact
Leslie Chua – (02) 811-9968
Mara Roldan – (02) 811-9972
Email: amdd@ucpb.com

Need extra funds to own your dream home or drive that vehicle? Please click here to learn more.

UCPB Leasing and Finance Corporation

Residential Vacant Lots for Sale as of August 2018

Machinery / Equipment / Buses / Jewelry for Sale as of August 2018

Brand New CT Scan Somatom Machine as of August 2018

UCPB Leasing and Finance Corporation is a subsidiary of United Coconut Planters Bank.

For inquiries, please contact Mr. Jules Ras
Direct Line – (02) 811-9619
Trunk Line – (02) 811-9000 loc. 9619, 9621

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As of Aug 16, 2019, 06:33:00 PM

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For more information, please contact
UCPB Trust Banking Group:
(02) 811-9520, 811-9515, or 811-9541

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