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Corporate – Mortgage Trust Indenture (MTI)

Collateral is mortgaged in favor of UCPB as Trustee for and in behalf of one or several creditors.

Mortgage Trust Indenture (MTI) is a contractual agreement used to secure the obligations of the borrower with several lenders. The property(ies), which comprises the MTI pool of assets, is/are mortgaged in favor of UCPB-TBG as Mortgage Trustee in behalf of the several lenders giving each lender a pari-passu share in the collateral.


A Mortgage Participation Certificate (MPC) is issued by the Trustee in favor of each lender as an evidence of the lender’s participation in the MTI pool of assets.



  • Maximize use of Collateral/Property – The MTI arrangement makes it possible for the same property to stand as collateral for several loans from different financial institutions on a pari-passu basis.
  • As a protective financial instrument for both the borrower and lender(s)
  • Borrower – property(ies) is/are mortgaged as loan security; it does not part with the possession and enjoyment of properties but merely allows the recording of the Agreement with the proper Registry of Deeds.
  • Lenders – enjoy clear protection of collateral. It places all lenders on equal footing as they share pro-rata in collaterals and enjoys a first lien on the sale of property in case of default.
  • Trustee – monitors and enforces compliance with the terms and conditions embodied in the MTI Agreement.
  • Ease of Administering Loan and Collateral – The Trustee undertakes the collateral checking, reporting and monitoring. Trustee assures the adequate protection of collateral. Sees to it that the following are updated and submitted:
  • real estate taxes, tax declarations and tax clearances;
  • insurance policy covering the MTI assets and corresponding insurance premium; and
  • appraisal report of the MTI assets.



Minimum Amount N/A
Documentation Mortgage Trust Indenture
Parties Involved Borrower
UCPB-TBG – MortgageTrustee
Trust Fee
  • Available upon request
  • May vary; Dependent on the extent of UCPB-TBG’s responsibilities.
Miscellaneous Charges Incidental fees are chargeable to the borrower and/or lender(s).

If you need more information on Mortgage Trust Indenture, please contact the UCPB branch most convenient to you or UCPB’s Trust Banking Group associates:


UCPB Trust Banking Group
(02) 8811-9541
(02) 8811-9520
(02) 8811-9598


Trust products/services are not deposit accounts or an obligation of, or guaranteed, or insured by UCPB Acting Through Its Trust Banking Group (UCPB-TBG) or its affiliates or subsidiaries. Due to the nature of the underlying investment(s), yields and potential yields cannot be guaranteed. Any loss/income arising from market fluctuations and price volatility, even if invested in Government Securities, is for the account of the client. As such, when redemptions/withdrawals are made, the value of said redemption/withdrawal of the client may be worth more or be worth less than the initial investment/contribution. Historical performance, when presented, is purely for reference purposes and is not a guarantee of similar future results. It is further understood that Trust products/services are not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) and that losses, if any, shall be for the account of the client who shall have no right of recourse against UCPB-TBG, unless attributable to UCPB-TBG’s act of gross negligence, willful default or evident bad faith.

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