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Trust Products and Services


PersonalTrust Wealth/Asset/Fund Management Services


Benefit from expert wealth/asset/fund management services …
with UCPB Trust Banking Group.


Individual Agency Accounts (IMA)
UCPB manages your funds for the purpose of either preserving your capital, achieving balance between income and capital growth, or simply capital growth.
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Unit Investment Trust Funds
Earn like the “big boys” by pooling your funds with other investors and invest in UCPB’s array of Unit Investment Trust Funds.
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UCPB administers the properties or estate of a deceased person.
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UCPB executes or gives effect to a will.
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UCPB holds and administers the properties or estate of a minor, an incompetent or incapacitated person.
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UCPB safekeeps your property(ies) with the responsibility of submitting regular reports and the eventual return of the property(ies) to you upon your instruction.
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Escrow – POEA
UCPB acts as an unbiased party between a recruitment agency and POEA for the mandatory setting up of funds to provide for future claims of Overseas Filipino Workers.
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Escrow – Buy and Sell
UCPB acts as an unbiased party in the exchange between a buyer and a seller of property(ies).
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Escrow – Capital Gains
Our service allows you as the seller of your principal residential property to avail of the 6% capital gains tax-exemption provided by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.
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