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UCPB Goes Paperless!

UCPB Goes Paperless!

Starting December 1, 2020, you will receive your monthly statement of account via email only through the UCPB eStatement Service.

What is the UCPB eStatement Service?
This service enables UCPB Checking Accountholders (individual/sole proprietors) to receive their monthly statement of account via email within five days after month-end.

The UCPB eStatement Service is free of charge. Checking Accountholders are automatically enrolled to the service.

What are the benefits of the eStatement Service?

  • Faster receipt – You will receive your eStatement within five days after month-end.
  • Lesser trips to the branch – You will get your monthly statements via email.

How secure is the eStatement Service?

  • The UCPB eStatements will only be sent to the email address you indicated in your bank records.
  • For added protection and security, the PDF version of your eStatement is password-protected.

What is indicated in the UCPB eStatement?
The UCPB eStatement, which comes in PDF format, will indicate your account transactions for the month to help you monitor your finances.

How do I enroll in the eStatement Service?

  • If you are already enrolled in UCPB Connect, you will automatically receive your UCPB eStatement.
  • You will be automatically enrolled to the eStatement Service by your maintaining branch.

Can I enroll my other UCPB accounts to the UCPB eStatement Service?

  • Yes, you may enroll your other checking accounts to enjoy the same ease and convenience in managing your finances. Please note, however, that the UCPB eStatement Service is currently available only for the following: UCPB Regular Current Account, UCPB Multi-One, UCPB U-remit Checking Accounts.
  • To view the statements for your savings accounts (ATM or passbook accounts), please enroll in UCPB Connect.

How can I view my UCPB eStatement?

  • If you want to access your UCPB eStatement through your computer, an Adobe Acrobat Reader (Version 7.0 or higher) should be installed. If you don’t have this yet, you may install it for free through www.adobe.com.
  • If you want to access it through your mobile phone or tablet, you can view the PDF files through most types of smartphones and all tablets.

I still prefer to receive a printed Statement of Account. Can I still go to the branch to request for a copy?
You may print your eStatement in the safety of your home. However, you may still request for a copy from your maintaining branch for P20.00 per page starting December 1, 2020.

Why have I not yet received my UCPB eStatement?
There could be several reasons why you have not yet received your eStatement yet:

  • Your email inbox may be full. Please check your inbox to make sure you receive it.
  • Your email facility might be treating the eStatement as spam. If you find it in your Spam/Junk folder, Please add eStatement@ucpb.com to your address book so your future UCPB eStatements will be received as regular email.
  • Your email address in our records is invalid. Please check and confirm that your preferred email address is correct via the UCPB Online Client Info Updating Facility.
  • You have not yet enrolled your email address to the UCPB eStatement Service. Kindly visit the nearest UCPB branch to enroll.

Can I change my email address?
Yes, you can change your preferred email address simply by using the UCPB Online Client Info Updating Facility. You can also include it in your next essential errand run by visiting the nearest UCPB branch and filling up the eStatement Enrollment Form.

I still want to see the checks that were cleared or negotiated. How do I get those?
You may pick up your issued checks from your maintaining branch until 6 months after the negotiated date.

Read the UCPB eStatement Service Terms and Conditions here.

Date updated: October 7, 2020
Date published: May 4, 2016

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