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Top up your UCPB UITFs through the UCPB App

Top up your UCPB UITFs through the UCPB App

Invest in the safety of your home. With the UCPB App, existing UITF clients can now top up their UCPB Peso UITFs with greater ease and convenience.

How to make additional participations
  1. Open the UCPB App.
  2. Login using your UCPB Connect Username and Password.
  3. Get your One-Time Password via SMS or email.
  4. Enter the One-Time Password and press “Submit”.
  5. Select “Pay Bills”.
  6. Select “Investment” in the category then select the fund you want to invest in.
    Client must be an existing participant in the UITF.
    For new clients, they still have to visit UCPB Trust Banking Group or any UCPB Branch.
    Only Peso-denominated UITFs are currently available.

  7. Select the Source Account and enter the Subscriber Number, Subscriber Name and amount of additional participation. Amount must conform with the minimum required additional participation (Php1,000.00) and must be in multiples of Php1,000.00.

    Note: The Subscriber Number (Account No.) and Subscriber Name (Client Name) can be found in the Confirmation Advice that UCPB Trust Banking Group issued.
  8. Review the transaction details and press “Ok” once confirmed.
  9. Enter your UCPB connect password to proceed.
  10. A confirmation window will pop-up once transaction is successful. If Subscriber No. or Amount is not valid, an error will be displayed.
    Tip: Enable “Add to Favorites” so the Subscriber No. and Subscriber Name will be saved so Client will not enter it again for succeeding transactions.
  11. A text message confirmation will also be sent to the registered phone number of the Client.

Choose safe and easy investing today!

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What’s NEW with the UCPB App?
    You can now use your UCPB App to make additional investments to your existing UITFs.
  2. Is there a fee in using the UCPB App for my additional investment?
    None. Topping up/Adding to your investment using the UCPB App is free of charge.
  3. What is the minimum amount for additional investment?
    You can top up your existing UITF investments for as low as P1,000 and in multiples of P1,000.
  4. What is the cut-off time?
    Transactions made from 12:00 am to 8:59 am will be transacted on the same day. However, transactions made from 9:00 am onwards will be transacted the following day.
  5. Can I invest in other UITF Funds via the UCPB App apart from my existing fund?
    No. However, you may visit your maintaining branch or call UCPB Trust Banking Group to invest in other UITFs aligned with your Client Suitability Assessment result.
  6. Can I open a UITF account using the UCPB App?
    No. Please visit your UCPB Branch if you wish to start your UITF investment journey.
  7. Can I make additional participations to my Dollar UITFs?
    Not yet. Currently, only Peso-denominated UITFs can be topped up via the UCPB App.
  8. Can I make additional investments to my existing UITF even if I am not in the Philippines?
    Yes. You may do this as long as you are connected to the internet and can login to the UCPB App.
  9. Can I add participations to other UITF accounts aside from mine?
    Yes. You can add investments to other existing UITF participants as long as you know their UITF Account Name and Number.
  10. Is using the UCPB App safe for my investment?
    Yes. UCPB employs stringent security measures to ensure that your mobile banking experience is safe and convenient.
  11. Will the UITF top-up service via the UCPB App work for all kinds of devices?
    Yes. The UCPB App works for both Android and iOS phones.

For more details and inquiries, call the UCPB Trust Banking Group at (02) 8811-9515 / 8811-9520 or email crc@ucpb.com / trust@ucpb.com.

Risk Disclosure Statement
Investments and services offered by all Trust Institutions are not deposit accounts and are not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). These are not obligations of, and are not guaranteed or insured by UCPB Trust Banking Group (TBG), its affiliates or subsidiaries and do not carry and guarantees on returns. All income, as well as losses, arising from such investments/services are for the account of the investors.

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